New Custom Countertops Built from Marble Slab in Toronto

Discover the benefits of new custom countertops built from marble slab in Toronto. Keep reading to learn why it is important to select a premium quality marble slab for your custom applications.

Marble Slabs in Toronto for Custom Countertops

Many homeowners are choosing marble slab for new countertops in their Toronto homes. Marble is a very versatile, premium building material that can be custom cut into different shapes. Marble slabs are larger pieces of marble that are commonly used for custom cutting into the shape of countertops or other types of furniture such as living room or dining room tables.
Marble is an excellent material for fabricators to work with, as it is relatively soft in comparison to other natural stones such as granite. This makes precision cuts and other types of custom edge work much easier to complete.

The Everlasting Beauty of Marble Countertops

Many countertop materials are popular at first and then become out-dated over time, but marble has a classic and elegant appearance that is always in demand and never falls out of favour. Installing marble countertops in the kitchen or bathroom will drastically improve the overall look of the room with classic style that can be enjoyed for a very long time.
Marble is available in a range of patterns and tones, from neutral to black with different veining variations naturally occurring in the stone. This veining is part of the natural beauty of marble and contributes to its lustrous appearance. Many people love the look of marble because of its transparent and translucent appearance that results from its ability to reflect light. This gives marble a softer, touchable look that is very stylistic and universally appealing.
Whatever the existing décor in the kitchen or bathroom, there is a shade and pattern of marble that will complement the other design elements in the room. Homeowners looking to remodel a kitchen or bathroom on a budget can transform the entire look of the room by installing a new marble countertop or vanity.

Maintaining Marble Countertops

Marble is a porous material, so it will need to be properly sealed in order to offer maximum protection in terms of water and stain resistance. Sealed marble may still be susceptible to different types of acids present in liquids such as coffee, fruit juice and cola. Special care should always be taken to clean up these spills as soon as they occur to preserve the look and finish of the marble.
Sealed marble can be easily cleaned using just mild soap and water with no need for special types of cleansers.

Finding the Best Marble Slabs in Toronto

Installing marble countertops is an investment in the home. A crucial part of protecting the investment is finding the best marble slabs to be used for cutting the countertops. The quality of marble slabs can vary greatly from one supplier to another. Always choose a respected marble slab supplier with a wide selection of quality marble products and a solid reputation for excellent customer service.
Starting with a premium quality marble slab from a company that stands behind its natural stone products is an excellent way to ensure your new marble countertops continue to deliver unrivalled beauty and durability for a very long time. Speak to the suppliers of the finest quality marble slab in Toronto today.